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Planned Unit Development (PUD)


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. Step Two
  3. 3. Step Three
  4. 4. Step Four
  5. 5. Step Five
  • Step One

    1. Contact/Applicant Information

    2. Applicant

    3. Owner

    4. Representative

    5. Property Information

    6. Amenities

      Please select the item that best reflects the amenities used.

    7. No. 1

      Active recreational amenities such as: Playgrounds; Basketball or Tennis Courts; Baseball, Soccer or Rugby Fields; Swimming Pools; Natatoriums; Walking/Running Paths; Clubhouse; School Site(s); etc.

    8. No. 2

      Pedestrian and bicycle pathway systems within and through the project (exclusive of required sidewalks adjacent to public rights-of-way), designed to connect into existing or planned pedestrian/bicycle routes outside the PUD.

    9. No. 3

      Other amenities appropriate to the size and uses intended in the PUD.

    10. Please explain what "other" amenities are.