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Application for Appeal


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    1. Application for Appeal

      Appeals must be submitted within twenty (20) days after denial by the Planning & Zoning Director per Kuna City Code (KCC) 5-11-2. Appeals require a Public Hearing with proper noticing in the official city newspaper. A $350.00 non-refundable application fee applies; noticing costs are included in the application fee.

    2. Appeal Contact Person

    3. Case Information

    4. Decision making body that you are appealing*

    5. Case Address

    6. What specific action/condition/requirement is being appealed?

    7. Why are you appealing?

    8. NOTE:

      - If the reasons for the appeal are resolved prior to the Appeal Hearing, please contact Planning & Zoning Staff at (208) 922-5546. - The only topics which may be discussed during the Appeal Hearing are the specific details for the appeal as stated in this application. - Neighborhood groups are encouraged to elect a spokesperson for appeals that are supported by numerous residents of the project, to avoid a duplication of testimony.