What does it mean when a case is "tabled or continued"?
During the public hearing of a case, the hearing body can make a decision to "table or continue" the case to a "date certain".

A case may be tabled or continued by one of the following means:
1. The applicant or representative may submit a written request to the hearing body that his/her case be tabled/continued. The reason(s) for making the request must be significant, such as illness or the need for additional time to obtain important information. The hearing body can choose to accept or deny this request. If the case is denied, the case will either be heard as scheduled or automatically denied.

2. The hearing body may choose to table a case for a number of reasons, including, but not limited to the following:
a. The hearing body determines that there is not sufficient time to begin or complete the hearing of a case.
b. The hearing body asks that additional information be provided by the applicant, the opposition, or City staff.

When a case is tabled or continued, the hearing body sets the date certain for the hearing of the case. Since the case has already been legally noticed, no further notice will be given.

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