Public Outreach

This page has been created in an effort to present items to the community on which the Planning & Zoning Department would appreciate feedback. Topics could range from sidewalk improvements, to Ordinance updating/re-writes, to Envision Kuna Comprehensive Plan updates.

Current Items

Proposed Changes to the Envision Kuna Comprehensive Plan Future Land Use Map (FLUM)

The Future Land Use Map (FLUM) is intended to carry out the goals of the Comprehensive Plan by designating land uses that will enhance the City by shaping and managing both the built and undeveloped environment, preserving existing land uses and implementing a strong community design that will meet the demands of the citizens, public infrastructure and services.

The City of Kuna's FLUM, approved in July 2019, will be updated to meet the aforementioned goals. Changes include: a significant increase in lands designated Agriculture, to preserve open spaces and rural character outside of the city's core; providing Commercial frontages along the main entry corridors to the city; and adapting future land uses to ensure unnecessary hardship will not be placed on public infrastructure.

To view the proposed FLUM, click here. The proposed updated FLUM will go before the city's decision-making bodies for Public Hearings on the following dates:

Planning & Zoning Commission (Will make a recommendation of Approval or Denial to the City Council)
Tuesday March 22, 2022 at 6:00 PM 
Kuna City Hall Council Chambers, 751 W 4th Street

City Council (Final Decision Maker)