Manufacturing/Industrial: M-1, M-2


  • Promotes development of manufacturing and wholesale business operations that are clean, quiet and free of hazardous of objectionable elements such as noise, odor, dust, smoke or glare.
  • Manufacturer is expected to operate the business enterprise entirely within enclosed structures and design the operation to accommodate industrial type traffic and loading demands.
  • Site is expected to be attractively designed and preferably constructed in a business park-like setting.
  • Research activities are encouraged in this district.
  • Intended to serve as a transitional buffer between heavy type manufacturing issues and less intense commercial and industrial types.


  • Accommodates manufacturing processes and warehouse activities.
  • Businesses locating in this district may produce objectionable or hazardous noise, odor, dust, smoke and glare. Therefore, the district is not intended for general public access due to the exposure risks.
  • Businesses are expected to operate entirely within enclosed structures that are designed to accommodate industrial type traffic and loading demands.
  • The M-3 district, which is limited to mining uses, has been consolidated with the M-2 district.