About Us

Mission Statement

The Planning and Zoning Department is committed to providing high-quality, convenient services to enhance the quality of life of residents, businesses, and visitors; and to promote a well-designed, physically integrated, livable, and prosperous community consistent with our citizens' long-range vision and goals.

Planning and Zoning Administration

The Department of Planning and Zoning is charged with implementing local, state and federal policy related to development, land division and other related land use processes within the city limits of Kuna. In facilitating this multifaceted process, staff provides project guidance and coordinates the dissemination of the development plans to the general public, developers and their agents, elected officials, appointed boards, city management and other governmental agencies to ensure the future quality of life in the city of Kuna. View the City of Kuna Zoning Map (PDF).

Comprehensive Planning

Comprehensive Planning is focused on the future and helps establish community goals and objectives. It is visionary in that it identifies where and how citizens would like to see the physical development of the community take shape. Planning is a process that helps a community prepare for change, rather than react to it. The Comprehensive Plan serves as a guide to the decision makers of our community.

Envision Kuna is the City's community-wide effort to update the Kuna Comprehensive Plan in 2017 to 2018. For more information visit the Envision Kuna website.

Kuna Comprehensive Plan Listening and Learning Phase 1 Summary Report (PDF)

Kuna Comprehensive Plan Options and Opportunities Phase 2 Summary Report (PDF)

Transportation Planning

Idaho Department of Transportation and the Ada County Highway District work in concert with the City of Kuna to maintain the street system. The City of Kuna Zoning Department maintains a comprehensive Street Circulation Plan.

Building Department

The Building Department conducts plan reviews, and monitors by inspections all phases of construction and modifications including the maintenance of existing structures, in order to protect the public safety and welfare. The standards adopted by Kuna's City Council have been designed by the International Code Council and adopted by the State of Idaho. It is through the enforcement of these standards for the community to ensure quality developments and projects that are built safely and creates an asset for the community rather than a liability.