Downtown Revitalization

Main Street Rendering

About Kuna's Downtown Revitalization Project

The Kuna Downtown Revitalization Project will encourage healthier lifestyles and mobility by providing greater accessibility. It will be done in two phases. The first phase incorporates Avenue E from 4th Street to Main St and then east along Main St to Avenue C. The second phase will proceed along Main St to Avenue A.

Goals of the Downtown Revitalization Project include:

  • Define the identity of downtown Kuna by preserving our history
  • Widen Sidewalks to replace unsafe and substandard infrastructure
  • Pedestrian Lighting to provide lit walking spaces and enhance safety
  • Updated and appropriate landscaping
  • New bulb-outs to decrease the walking distances at intersections and slow vehicular traffic
  • Improved Roadways for traffic movement
  • Safety improvements such as eliminating the power pole at Ave D and Main St and burying the cables
  • Creation of an investment-ready central business district for Kuna and the businesses that call downtown home
  • Correct and repair worn drainage, irrigation, parking and pedestrian facilities
  • Local business and community investments of improved facades, benches and bike posts

This project will enable downtown businesses to live up to their full potential and serve the community for years to come.

Phase 1 of Kuna’s Downtown Revitalization is complete!

The Downtown Revitalization Phase I project encompasses Ave E to Main St and Main St to Ave C and was completed in the fall of 2017. Kuna’s investment in downtown infrastructure has created positive change, greater access, and has brought identity to the downtown corridor.

Thank you to all our partners in this award-winning project. It wouldn’t be the achievement that it is if it wasn’t for the support, patience and input of the Downtown businesses and citizens as well as the investments from our multiple partners.

Award of Bid Phase 1

Knife River Corporation was the only bidder for Phase I construction and was awarded the contract on June 27, 2017.

Click here to view the Award of Bid.

Partners and Funding:

Thank you to all our partners in this award-winning project. It wouldn’t be the achievement that it is if it wasn’t for the support, patience and input of the Downtown businesses and citizens as well as the investment from our multiple partners.

  • Idaho Department of Commerce for the interest and investment of the Idaho Community Development Block Grant
  • Ada County Highway District for their participation, support and financial contribution
  • COMPASS staff and Boards for project and funding direction
  • Ada County for continued support of Kuna and our projects
  • Idaho Transportation Department
  • Consultants JUB Engineers for the excellent design and project management. Specifically, Lisa Bachman and Tim Blair.
  • Kuna Community for their support and patience
  • A special thank you to The Downtown Revitalization Design Committee, our city team, City Council, Public Works, Parks, Planning & Zoning, and the Clerk’s office for embracing this project and bringing this vision to reality

We would like to recognize the Grants and Funding for this worthy project:

  • $500,000 CDBG grant through Idaho Department of Commerce
  • $200,000 TMA/TAP grant through COMPASS
  • $200,000 ACHD investment
  • $167,000 City investment
  • $5,400 Bench & Bike Post sponsorship’s from local businesses and families

Phase 2 of the Kuna Downtown Revitalization in progress.

This is the final piece of the Kuna Downtown Revitalization project. Phase 2 will encompasses the two remaining blocks of Main Street from Avenue C to Avenue A. Construction is scheduled to begin April 20, 2020 and is expected to be complete by late July 2020. Improvements will include new curb, gutter, and widened sidewalks with landscaping, stamped concrete, and decorative streetlights.

Award of Bid Phase 2

Sealed bids were received by the City and opened on on February 5, 2020. Knife River Corporation was the apparent low bid and awarded the contract for Phase 2 construction.

Click here to view the Award of Bid and bid summary.

 Kuna Downtown Revitalization Project Awards

  • 2012 ACEC Engineering Excellence Awards
  • 2013 COMPASS Leadership in Motion Award
  • 2016 Idaho APA Public Outreach Award
  • 2018 AIC City Achievement Award
  • 2018 ACEC of Idaho Engineering Excellence Awards

The City of Kuna and JUB Engineers received the APA Idaho award for the planning of downtown Kuna. Here is a video talking about downtown. Great Job Team Kuna and Team JUB!

APA Award Video

Downtown Updates

Public Notices

Project Update - June 12, 2017 (PDF)

Project Update - May 31, 2017 (PDF)

Project Update - April 9, 2020 (PDF)

Final Concept Plan Phase 2 DTR (PDF)

Phase 3 - 4th Street Revitalization Timeline of Opportunities for Public Input

Photos of Downtown Improvements

“More focus on beautifying downtown Kuna. It has so much  potential to be quaint and picturesque. Add nice street lights, encourage small businesses to help maintain and beautify downtown Kuna.”

Kuna Citizen, Envision Kuna

Phase 1 Completed