Mission Statement
The City of Kuna is committed to providing a safe, clean supply of potable water and an abundant supply of irrigation water; all with exceptional customer service. We respond 24/7 to help the citizens we serve.

Responsibilities & Divisions

In addition to other responsibilities, the City of Kuna Water Department also takes care of the pressurized irrigation system throughout the town. The crew is committed to respond as quickly and safely as possible to citizens’ reports and complaints. If you are looking for information about our water reports, please visit our report page. We also have a Back-flow Division who monitors and inspects back-flow devices throughout the city.

Drinking Water

The City of Kuna is equipped with eleven wells, two of which have storage tanks totaling 1 million gallon capacity. The city has approximately 90 miles of pipe in the ground, ranging from 6 to 14 inches in diameter. The well at the water tower is no longer in use for potable water, but it is used for irrigation. Each well is vigorously maintained throughout the year to maximize the reliability of our water supply. We have one of the newest water systems in the state and also one of the first cities to go completely wireless for meter reads.

Back-flow Prevention

The City of Kuna’s Back-flow Division monitors the back-flow devices in town. If you have a device it should be tested by a licensed tester, and the report send to Clint Deyoung, at 208-573-7673. If you have any questions or concerns you may also address them to the Public Works Director. We are working hard to keep the drinking water safe for everyone.