Community Garden

This spring, the City of Kuna has established a community garden for use by our citizens. The garden plot is directly across from City Hall on W. Avalon St. and is maintained by the city's Parks and Recreation Department.


Land, water, and seeds were provided along with February classes on gardening, watering, composting, pest control, pruning, fertilizing, etc. taught by the Ada County Extension.

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Several fruit trees on this lot have been pruned and cleaned up by our city forester and by the looks of it, they should produce a substantial yield this year as well as provide some much needed shade for the residents as they work in the garden.


Kuna High School volunteered to start seeds in their nursery and the State Seed Laboratory donated seeds for use by our community gardeners. Later in the season we will also offer classes on canning and food utilization. All classes are open to the public.

Feel free to stop by the garden to watch it grow!


Please view our Community Garden Master Plan for more information.